Best Ways to Stack Firewood

3 Best Ways to Stack Firewood (Updated Guide For Beginners)

Wood is not easy to find. You will have to go through the entire complicated process of disassembling a tree with a chainsaw, splitting the trees, and removing the barks. Hence, it is good to keep a stack of wood around to save you the pain of preparing every time you want to burn wood. 

If you rely on a traditional fireplace or a wood stove to keep yourself warm during colder days, you should stack firewood to keep a dependable supply of firewood for wintertime. Stacking firewood correctly plays an essential role in maintaining the quality of your firewood and making sure that it is good enough to keep your fire burning when you need it.

Best Ways to Stack Firewood
Best Ways to Stack Firewood


Looking for ways to stack your firewood that maintain its quality? This article will give you the 3 best ways to stack and store your firewood.

The Importance Of Stacking Wood

When wood is first cut, it still has water content left inside, making it hard for wood to ignite, burn, and produce heat properly. 

To help firewood burn better and perform its task more effectively, it needs to be dried and seasoned to lower the original water content. Stacking wood helps the wood to dry and be seasoned because this process decides how much sunlight and air your firewood can get during its stacking time.

When you stack your firewood, ensure it is exposed to enough sunlight to speed up its drying process. Thus, the firewood should not be in direct contact with soil to prevent it from absorbing the additional moisture from the soil. The structure in which firewood is stacked is also important because the structure determines the air circulation within the stack of wood.

Firewood that is carelessly dumped in a heap may not dry and burn well, for it can absorb rain and moisture from the grounds over time. Soaked firewood is no longer good to use. Thus, wood that is drenched and not appropriately seasoned won’t burn properly. Instead, they can emit dangerous contaminants like carbon monoxide. 

3 Best Ways to Stack Firewood


  • Pick a site where your wood can get a lot of exposure to sunlight.
  • Lay three or four parallel rows of logs on the ground first to build the base for your stack and prevent moisture from invading your stack of wood. Afterward, you can create your pillar of wood on top of this base.
  • You should follow this laying pattern: lay 3-4 pieces of wood side-by-side with each other and lay another 3-4 pieces of firewood in a perpendicular direction on top of this layer. Then, you can repeat this pattern until your stack is around 12 rows high.


This traditional way of stacking gives your wood the sun exposure and the wind it needs to dry out properly. Thus, this also increases the weight, stability, and strength of your firewood pillar.


  • Pick a sunny site. If you can stack your firewood on a hot summer day, the result will be even better.
  • Build your Holzhaus stack by building a ring base of split pieces of wood with the barks side facing outwards and the split side facing inwards.
  • Stack wood on top of this ring with each piece sloping downward.
  • Stack wood in a cone-shaped pile inside the ring to drain down any rain or water inside the wood.
  • Build a roof for your Holzhaus stack by arranging wood tightly on top of your cone-shaped pile. This helps increase the inner air circulation inside the stack and dry out the water from your firewood.

Here is a detailed video showing you how to build a Holzhaus stack of wood for your further information:


Use tools and holders

You can stack your wood on a log holder, a log cabin, a bucket designed for stacking firewood, or a bench. These tools make your stacking process much easier. 

Since these tools are designed to stack your wood, all you have to do is place your wood neatly inside these holders, place the entire thing in the ideal location, and wait for your wood to dry out. You don’t have to think of any other ways to arrange your wood with these firewood holders.



How to tell if my firewood is well-seasoned?

Well-seasoned firewood burns best and protects you from possible contaminants produced from wood not being able to burn properly. To check and see whether your firewood is properly seasoned, you should check its smell, color, weight, texture, and the sounds it produces when you hit it.

Well-seasoned firewood would not smell like wood, which means there is no moisture left inside the firewood that can give off the woody smell. It should look dull and even gray. It should not be heavy because the water content should be removed from your firewood if you stack it properly. Additionally, when you hit your firewood, it should give off a hollow sound indicating its dryness in return.

How long does it take for wood to dry?

If you stack your greenwood in summer or early autumn and dry it in the open air, your stack should be ready to burn in wintertime. Most wood will take one season to dry. Yet, some harder woods like oak may take up to two seasons to dry out properly.

Is it ok to stack firewood on the ground?

You should not let your wood get in direct contact with the soil because it can absorb more moisture, making the drying process ineffective.

Is it ok to put firewood in the garage?

Storing your firewood in the garage can help protect your wood from the rain and moisture from nature. 

Yet, if you decide to store your firewood in your garage, make sure that nothing that can catch fire to your wood remains in your garage. Store it away from potential fire dangers to protect yourself.

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You have had everything you need to know to stack your firewood if you read up to this point. Stack your firewood correctly and keep yourself warm during the winter. You can thank us later!

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