TV Above Electric Fireplace

The fireplace is usually the focus of the living room. Yet, in the households that do not have a fireplace, TV usually takes this central stage. If your living room has both a fireplace and a TV, you may wonder where to put the TV as the fireplace is the center and whether it is ok to place the TV above Electric Fireplace to share the center.

So, can you put a TV above an electric place? Are there any things to consider before doing it? Let’s discover this in our article.

Why You Shouldn’t Place Your TV Above A Non-Electric Fireplace

Traditional fireplaces burn wood or use gas to generate heat. Unfortunately, the heat from a wood-burning or gas fireplace can be too intense for TV. 

Most TVs can operate in temperatures up to 98F. Since TV also produces heat while working, it should be placed in an environment where the temperature is much lower.

Can You Put A TV Above Electric Fireplace?
Can You Put A TV Above Electric Fireplace?


Otherwise, overheating can cause damage to your TV. Unless your non-electric fireplace has a thick surrounding that prevents the hot air from flowing directly above the fire, you may not want to place your TV above your fireplace to protect your TV.

Thus, the ideal height to place your TV is at eye level. Hence, if you have to keep tilting your head upward to watch TV, you may not have the most enjoyable viewing experience. The mantle of traditional fireplaces might be too high already. Hence, TV has to be placed higher than this mantle, which may be uncomfortable for viewing and can cause neck strain to you and your family. 

Overview Of Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplace is different from traditional ones because it neither has fire nor emits excessive heat. Electric fire generates the image of flame with its inner system of light and rotating rod. Thus, if you only turn on the flame display, you can enjoy both the fire and your TV at the same time safely as the display does not produce any heat.

Even when an electric fire emits heat, it usually produces less than 5000 BTUs per hour, which is safe for electronic devices placed above the fireplace. Compared to the heat output of 30.000 to 40.000 BTU a gas fireplace produces, an electric fireplace generates much less heat.


If you want to reorganize your living room by placing your TV above your existing fireplace, you should replace your traditional fireplace with an electric one. Since an electric firebox can be conveniently placed into the existing fireplace, there will be no hassle at all with this replacement.

If you don’t have an existing fireplace, you should get a wider screen electric fireplace if you plan to mount your TV above the fireplace. 

The electric fireplace also comes in a wider screen option. This widescreen is usually lower than others, which will allow you to place your TV above a moderate height and protect your family from the potential neck strain.

Things To Remember When Mounting Your TV Above The Electric Fireplace

About the fireplace

Although an electric fireplace emits much less heat than other fireplaces, it still emits heat. Heat and electronic devices like TV are never compatible with each other. Hence, you should protect your TV from any direct exposure to heat. 

If you want to place your TV above your electric fireplace, you should look for a fireplace where the heat is emitted from the bottom instead of the top. This fireplace will prevent any hot air from blowing onto your TV.

About the TV wiring

If you want to place your TV above the fireplace, you may want your living room to look nice and organized. Hence, when installing the TV, you might want to ensure that all the wiring is properly concealed for the best look.

 You can place your ornaments strategically to disguise the wires, or some drilling into the wall may do the job.

Check the safety 

Although you can trust your electric fireplace, it never hurts to double-check on everything. 

Check the temperature above your fireplace using a thermometer to make sure that the temperature is safe for the TV. Additionally, carefully check the TV safety instruction to decide whether your TV should be placed above the electric fireplace.

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How close can a TV be to an electric fireplace?

If your mantle is higher than four feet, hang the TV around six-inch above. If your fireplace doesn’t come with a mantel, place the TV four to twelve inches above the fireplace.

How do I maintain my TV above an electric fireplace?

Make sure to turn off your electric fireplace whenever you stop using it. Thus, when you don’t need the heat from the fireplace and only want to enjoy the image of the flame, turn off the heat of your electric fireplace.

Can I plug an electric fireplace into a regular outlet?

Yes. However, electric fireplaces usually need their own circuit because they have a built-in heater that can reach up to 1500 watts and be incompatible with the regular 1200 volt household circuit.

An electric firebox can also come with a reduced heat output that allows you to minimize the wattage on your electric fireplace, making this unit safe to be plugged into the same circuit as your TV. Hence, check for this reduced heat output when you shop for your electric fireplace.


Now you have learned everything regarding whether you can put a TV above an electric fireplace or not. So enjoy the coziness of your fireplace while watching TV with our tips. You can thank us later.

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