My Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off (Reasons & Solutions)

Electric fireplaces are fantastic, but they tend to have several difficulties. One of the most typical difficulties is a fireplace that shuts off unexpectedly, which leaves you wondering “what’s happening to my fireplace?”

It may be rather frustrating to have your heat off, but not something that can be fixed. Believe it or not, the problems that you generally notice only need simple solutions.

5 Reasons Why Your Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off


Indeed, electrical equipment makes our lives easier. But these things may overheat. This is a dangerous circumstance since it can at best kill the apparatus and, worse yet, cause a home fire. Unfortunately, electric flames may overheat too.

The good news, however, is that today most electrical gadgets are overheated. When your fireplace breaks down abruptly, it is probably because the heater was too warm to work properly. This is one of the most prevalent reasons for owners for a fireplace that stops itself.

Airflow Limited

One of the major causes of electric fireplace overheating is limited airflow. Electric fires need enough circulation, and a blocked and partially blocked intake into the fireplace prevents the heating element from cooling fast, which causes it to get too hot to perform appropriately.

Find your electric fireplace inlet and see whether it is dust, paper, or carpet for anything that can obstruct it.

Be careful to position the fireplace in an area in your room where airflow to the fireplace is not hindered when picking a site. Also, ensure that the heater entrance is kept away from any of your walls, furniture, or other objects, such as ribbons, that it may be mistakenly obstructed.

Electric fireplace models may include an air filter. See whether you have a fireplace, since cleaning or replacement may be necessary.

Setting Of Temperature

A fireplace may have various heater temperature settings, which are generally off, low, medium, and high. If the temperature in the room is already at the proper degree, the fireplace can switch off.

Use a heat setting greater than the temperature of your house if your electric fireplace has a thermostat to avoid switching off your electric fireplace.

Heater Element Dusty or Dirty

It is crucial to check your electric fireplace often and, in particular, the area where the heater is stored. An accumulation of dirt or dust might overheat the heating components and switch off the fire.

Turn off your fireplace at the wall and unhook it from your plug to examine whether your electric fireplace has an extra stain. Allow the fireplace to cool until the dust or dirt is checked.

Check the suggested ways for cleaning your electric fireplace with your manufacturers while waiting.

Control Of The Thermostat

Today, most electric fireplaces include a four-position switch. This dial enables the user to switch off the fireplace or select low, medium, and high heat levels. Some electric fires recognize when the room reaches your favorite temperature and then switch off automatically.

But the problem is occasionally the bulbs in the device. For some reason or other, very high wattage might arise, and higher temperature configurations can result in automatic overheating and shutdown.

How To Fix An Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off

Are you sure your problem is your fireplace? Super, I suppose. Great. Well, it’s time for debugging now that you know what the problem is. Here’s how things can be figured out.

Check The Hot Thermo

The first thing you want to do is get a thermostat-like temperature read. If your room has the same temperature as the thermostat, your fireplace has a decent probability of performing what it has to accomplish. If such is the case, you must not worry, since when you need warmth, it will switch back on.

On the other hand, it is time to look at other problems if the thermostat shows a greater temperature. Next to the fireplace, put your hand. Go to the next step of the problem solving if it appears excessively heated. If not, your fireplace or your thermostat can have a heat sensor issue. In general, this necessitates the replacement of components.

Check For Excess Heat

The other key reason why an electric fireplace continually switches off is its overheating feature. When an overheated element exists in a fireplace, the system shuts down to ensure things are safe. Overheating can be caused by several fundamental problems that may be fixed in a pinch. This is how to fix it:

  1. When the fireplace has recently been installed, check to see the fireplace placement. More likely, overheating will occur in corners. You should move the fireplace close to a heating airflow or an area that may trap warmth. When there’s no problem with your fireplace for some time, skip that step.
  2. Turn off and disconnect the fireplace. You must let it cool down before you can clear out your dust. You’ll burn your hands otherwise!
  3. After it’s cooled, open the rear of the chimney and remove any dust. Dust is the first cause of electric fireplaces overheating, and even the most thoroughly cleaned areas are built-in. Use a vacuum behind the chimney and clean any dust bunnies around the Chimney manually. Check for better results after cleaning up. Odds are, they are going to.
  4. Please refer to your owner’s handbook for information on how to remove your chimney from the inside. In particular, you must find out how the heating element may be cleaned. Usually, this is the last issue with overheating.
  5. Finally, change it if your electric chimney includes an air filter. Just like a filthy air filter will unexpectedly switch off your HVAC, a filthy air filter will likewise shut off your fireplace. Remove it, check it and determine whether it needs to change. If you don’t know, simply make a tweak to see if it helps. It will assist normally, anyhow, all run smoothly.

Conclusion (My Electric Fireplace Keeps Shutting Off)

I hope you’ve got the answers. A fireplace is an economical method to heat your house without worrying about smoking. The residents of the property, however, use a defective electric fireplace.

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