Can You Burn Wood In Pellet Stove? (Detailed Explanation)

You are not alone if you have chosen to heat your home with a wood fire to augment your current hot water supply and decrease the total heating expenditures. Many customers return to fundamentals when it comes to house-heating. Still, concerning timber burners and the sort of wood fuel you may consume to warm your home, additional alternatives are now available.

But, can you burn wood in  pellet stove? Let’s find out in this article.

When it comes to woodburning stoves, there are two forms of fuel: firewood and wood pellets. There is, of course, the conventional wood-burning chimney, but this is only the beginning of the possibilities for wood fuel.

What Are Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves are stand-alone heaters or stoves installed for heating a single room or your whole home.

Although comparable to traditional wood stoves, pellet stoves are more efficient, and wood pellets are burnt, producing far less ash than wood. They are the cleanest method of domestic heating using solid fuel, the Energy Ministry says. To enhance the current house heating system, you may employ a pellet stove or utilize it for your single heating source.

Consider the size and style of your house and your stove properly when choosing your pellet stove. You risk squandering fuel if your stove is too large.

If it is too tiny, you will not have the heating efficiency renowned for pellet stoves. In certain situations, for optimum comfort, you may want more than one pellet stove. You also need to know where you install your stove in a room and work on the ideal location for optimum efficiency with expert installation.

burn wood in pellet stove

Are Pellet Stoves Worth It?

You just have to load the stove with compact sawdust pellets and set your thermostat, sit back and relax. Then, an auger is deposited in a burn pot where the pellets are burned at such a high temperature that no vent-burning creosote is produced, and very little ash or pollutants that maintain air cleaner interior and outdoor.

What’s great is that they warm up your house roughly twice as efficiently as older wood stoves that haven’t received EPA certification and are far more efficient than fireplaces.

A pellet stove might augment the existing heating system or can be used alone, depending on the size and architecture of your home. And pellet ovens are designed to complement any home style, despite their image as an employee.

Can You Burn Wood In Pellet Stove?

In fact, only in pellet form can the wood be burned in a pellet stove.

Pellets are compressed fuel and can be manufactured from a range of sources, including wood. However, firewood logs or firebirds can’t be burnt in a pellet stove.

Pellet stoves burn wood in the form of pellets, as its name indicates. Pellet stoves are still a kind of stove; wood pellet stoves still create wood heat, much like wood burners utilize wood to generate warmth for a residence.

Although wood pellets are technically a type of solid fuel wood burning equipment such as a wood-burning stove, wood firewood logs such as these can not be used in wood stoves, nor are little fragments of wood burning fuel.

In the form of pellets, pellet stoves have to carry wood. The pellet fuel used in pellet stoves is a compressed substance generally purchased in specified bags of weight.

Pellets used for pellet stoves may be formed of many materials, although wood might be the principal material. Wood pellets are typically crushed into a specific ‘pellet’ in size and shape from the wood sawdust, chippings, or other remaining wood fragments.

Why Can’t You Use Traditional Firewood In A Pellet Stove?

The primary reasons for the facts that in pellet stoves, conventional firewood can’t be utilized for the purposes:

  • The chamber is too tiny for combustion.
  • Pellet stoves feed fuel to the fire automatically and require a particular fuel size that is constant.
  • To be burnt, the fuel must be stored in a hopper pellet stove. The opening of the door cannot add fuel to the stove.
  • The hopper supplies fuel in the form of pellets with a motor auger that can carry only a specific amount of fuel to the combustion chamber.

Pellets are electrical equipment requiring power to function.

Pellet kitchens contain several electrical components, all of which function from a single control panel to automatically supply fuel in the form of fire pellets. Then, based on information from a number of sensors, the stoves adapt how frequently fuel is sent to the combustion chamber to make sure the maximum amount of heat is achieved, and the fuel is burned as effectively as possible.

The combustion chamber of a pellet stove is generally considerably smaller and occupies far less area on a pellet stove than traditional wood combustion.

burn wood in pellet stove


What is the cost of pellets and inserts?

About $1,000 to $5,000, according to type, size, and heat output, for a pellet stove or an insert plus another $300 for the fan pipes or chimney pipes.

Hire an expert or DIY?

Leave the professional installation if you’re not comfortable making holes in your house to vent. Pipes can run across the horizontal wall, through the roof vertically, or into the chimney if an insert is included. Expect to spend 250 dollars to 1,000 dollars based on the complexity of the task.

Conclusion (burning wood in a pellet stove)

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have understood whether you can burn wood in pellet stove or not. Don’t forget to revisit us for more valuable advice and tips.



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