Do Electric Fireplaces Have Real Flames?

The electric fireplace has become more popular because it is a cost-effective and practical way to heat up your house. Additionally, it is simple to set up, safe to use, and much more economical than other traditional fireplaces that can cost thousands of dollars.

Yet, many people wonder whether the electric fireplace has real flame since it does not burn with wood, gas, or fuel. The answer is that electric fireplaces do not have real flames. You can find further details for this answer down below.

How Electric Fireplaces Create Flame?

Since the electric fireplace produces heat through electricity and a built-in fan that blows hot air, there is no actual burning process going on in this kind of fireplace. Yet, the electric fire can still replicate the fire of the traditional fireplace with its flame effect.

Inside the electric fireplace, besides the fan that creates heat, light bulbs are placed strategically in a rotating rod with a mirror. Whenever the fireplace is activated, the light bulbs will be turned on, and the rod will rotate to reflect the light onto the front screen, creating the image of fire.

Thus, there is also a refractor inside the electric fireplace. This refractor will work with the lighting system to create a three-dimensional pattern of the flame, making the fire image flicker on the screen and appear to be more realistic.

This lighting system makes the fire and the flame displayed on the fireplace’s front screen look real. Yet, although the fire looks real, it is only an additional effect created by this device. This effect allows users to enjoy the cozy atmosphere of the fireplace safely without any fire hazards from other fireplaces. Hence, electric fireplaces do not have a real flame.

Do Electric Fireplaces Have Real Flames?

The Benefits Of The Flame Effect

Although the flame of an electric fireplace is not real, the electric fireplace is still a great investment if you want to buy a fireplace for your house. It is safe, family-friendly, and convenient.

1. Safe from fire hazard

The fire image of the electric fireplace means there is no real fire burning inside this device. Without an actual fire, there will be no sparks of fire emitting from the fireplace. Hence, you will not have to worry about the chance of other nearby objects catching fire and spreading the fire to your house. In this way, you can place any object you want near your electric fireplace.

2. Family-friendly

In the case of a non-electric fireplace, you will have to monitor your baby or your pet at all times to make sure that they do not approach the fire out of curiosity. However, the fireplace screen displaying the fire effect is usually not hot and safe to the touch. Hence, with the image of an electric fire, you can stop worrying, have some peace of mind, and enjoy the coziness safely with your family.

3. Safe from dangerous contaminants

Since no fuel is needed for the burning process of an electric fireplace, there will be no smoke, ashes, or dangerous contaminants produced by this device. Hence, an electric fireplace can protect your home environment from possible indoor pollution and save you from cleaning the ashes constantly after use.

Do Electric Fireplaces Have Real Flames?

4. Energy-efficient

An electric fireplace does not need a venting system because it produces no fire and no waste. This is good news because venting usually causes loss in energy and efficiency in the non-electric fireplace. Without the need for a venting system, all the heat produced by the electric fireplace will go directly to your house.

5. Apartment-friendly

If you live in an apartment, the electric fireplace is the ideal option. It is safe, convenient, and does not require a chimney or a venting system to dispose of possible pollution and waste. Hence, you can easily install and use it wherever you live.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to fix the flame on the electric fire?

Since the flame is the effect of this electric device, it is subjected to possible electrical errors. The fire image may start to glitch or stop working altogether. If these errors happen, the fireplace cannot create the cozy atmosphere people desire.

However, you can easily fix this problem by checking the lighting system inside the device. One common cause of this problem is that the light bulbs need replacing.

Is it okay to put a TV above an electric fireplace?

Yes. In fact, if you want to put a TV above a fireplace, the only option you should go for is the electric fireplace. While a traditional fireplace using gas, wood, and fuel produces a heat output of up to 40000 BTU and can damage nearby electronic devices, a regular electric fireplace only produces less than 5000 BTU units, which is significantly less than other fireplaces.

Hence, you can place your TV from 4 to 12 inches above your electric fireplace. The electric fireplace will allow you to enjoy both the coziness of the fire and your TV at the same time.

Can you place an electric fireplace on the carpet?

Yes. Since the electric fireplace does not produce any real fire and flame during its operational process, there is no risk of sparks flying and igniting fire onto nearby objects. Therefore, even though a carpet can never be placed near other fireplaces due to the potential fire hazard, you can safely place a carpet under your electric fireplace.

Do electric fireplaces need to be vented?

No. As the electric fireplace does not use any fuel to burn fire, it doesn’t produce any smoke or contaminants that need to be vented out of your house. Hence, you don’t have to vent your electric fireplace.


Now you have everything you need to know to answer whether or not electric fireplaces have a real fire. Although the fire of the electric fireplace is only an image, this image can still create the cozy atmosphere of the actual fire. Thus, an image of fire means extra safety and convenience. Hence, if you want to buy an electric fireplace, go get one now because it is an investment you will not regret.

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