Electric Fireplace Vs Space Heater: Which Should You Choose?

If you are looking for a device that can efficiently provide heat and warmth to your home, you may have heard about electric fireplace vs space heater. Both are great heating devices for the home environment. Yet, each machine has different features that are designed for different uses.

This article will provide you with everything you need to know about electric fireplace vs. space heater to help you decide which device is more suitable for your home environment.

Overview Of Space Heaters

The space heater is a device that heats a single, small area. It is powered by electricity or combustible fuel like natural gas, propane, oil, or wood pellets. Most portable space heaters in the market now are electric.

An equivalent of the space heater would be the fan you would use in the summer. Like how a fan can only provide cool air to a small space, the reach of a space heater is also limited. Hence, the space heater cannot be used as the primary source of heat for your house. Yet, it can keep a small room warm.


  • Save money: You can save money if you use the space heater properly. Since the space heater only uses power when turned on, unplugging it after use will save you more money. Additionally, even when your space heater breaks down, it is cheap to get it fixed. Thus, a space heater uses relatively less energy than other heating systems, allowing users to save money on power. Hence, if you only want to heat up a small area, you can turn on your space heater instead of the entire heating system. In this way, you will not waste power on heating for the area you are not using. To get the most out of your space heater, make sure that it is the right size for your home and powered by the safest and most efficient power source.
  • Simplicity: Space heaters usually have a simple and friendly design. The popular electric space heaters are also the most efficient kind, for they are inexpensive, only require one plug, and only generate heat and power when they are in use. A good space heater even has sensors that automatically turn the heat off when your room is warm enough.


  • Potential danger: The space heater is responsible for many fire hazards like burn-related emergencies and even death every year, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Report. The space heater is extra dangerous in households with babies, small children, pets, and flammable furniture. Many people claim that the potential dangers of the space heater exceed the benefits it provides, even though most of these accidents can be avoided by using the space heater with more attention and precaution.
  • Need attention: If you want a space heater that suits your home environment and optimizes all its advantages, you will need to do a lot of research before purchasing. Space heaters come in many designs, sizes, types, and safety features; hence, a lot of things should be considered when you buy a space heater. Thus, even if you have found the right space heater, you still have to pay lots of attention to how you use it and where you put this device to ensure the safety of you and your family.

Overview Of Electric Fireplaces

The electric fireplace is a heating device that produces hot air with electricity and a built-in fan.

Although there is no burning process with this fireplace, an electric fireplace still has the flame and the fire effect generated by light bulbs that replicate the traditional fireplace. This effect gives users the experience of using a fireplace while protecting them from the potential fire dangers of a non-electrical fireplace.


  • Safe from fire hazard: Since the electric fireplace fire is only an effect, there would be no sparks of fire emitting from the fireplace and igniting the fire to nearby objects. Thus, since there is no combusting process going on inside this device, there will be no smoke, ashes, or dangerous contaminants like carbon monoxide that pollute your living environment.
  • Energy-efficient: Since the electric fireplace produces no waste, it does not need a venting system like its non-electrical equivalent. As nothing is vented out during the heating process, all the heat produced by this device will go directly to your room without energy or efficiency lost.
  • Family-friendly: You can let your baby or your pet play around with the fire image of the electric fireplace because there is no real fire and the display screen is usually not hot. Thus, since this heating device does not require a venting system, you can still install an electric fireplace if you are living in an apartment.


  • Electrical error: Like other electronic devices, the electric fireplace is also prone to electrical errors that cause inconvenience. Hence, you will have to learn to troubleshoot simple problems or call an expert to get your electric fireplace fixed every time an error occurs.
  • Power source: This device has a built-in heater that can reach up to 1500 watts, making it incompatible with the regular 1200-volt circuit of common households. Hence, you have to make sure that you use your electric fireplace with its circuit for safety reasons.

Electric Fireplace Vs Space Heater: Which Is Better?

Many people are convinced that the electric fireplace is much better than the space heater because of the added safety, convenience, and ambiance for your home environment. Yes, an electric fireplace is much better and safer compared to a space heater. However, if you only want to heat a small area, the space heater would be a better option for you.

Hence, you have to carefully consider your needs and preferences before deciding between the two heating devices.


Now you have had everything you need to know to decide between the space heater and the electric fireplace. Make your decision, get a suitable device, and keep yourself warm during the colder days.

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